The 100 Day Project

100 Days of Stills
This April, I began creating still lives as part of The 100 Day Project with Elle Luna and The Greatest Discontent. I set my intention to create and post to Instagram one still life collage with gathered objects each day.  I knew I wanted to focus on flat lays and incorporate natural objects from my garden.  Now, almost half way through the project my focus has developed into a variety of different petal plays. After foraging for fresh flowers and leaves, I deconstruct them and begin to sort and arrange, normally on a white surface by my office/studio window.  One arrangement that I have fallen in love with is the mandala.  I love the radial symmetry and the meditative qualities of this type of design.  Instagram's square format has also naturally lent itself to a variety of different petal square designs.  Color has been another inspiration for me and early on in the project I picked up a variety of color paint swatches to use as still life props.  It is interesting to juxtapose geometric and organic elements in these designs.  I really hope that you follow my journey on Instagram, as well as the many other amazing 100 Day Projects!!!