Nautical Series

Belfast Rowboats, ME

Inspired again by Fun a Day Baltimore, during the month of January I created a series of 20 painted photographs of nautical subjects. A majority of the photographs were taken on my trip along the coast of Maine last summer.  Some of the photographs were first digitally edited to adjust the overall color tone, and several were printed in black and white.  Then the line work was added by scratching into the photograph's emulsion.  I particularly enjoyed painting the variety of waters, adding color, accentuating the ripples and creating a playful sense of movement.  Each original altered photo is a 4x6, and Andres assisted me by building a series of small wooden frames. For the next two weeks the work will be hanging at Gallery 788, in Hampden. 
Stonington Helm, ME
Isle Au Haut, ME
Baltimore Harbor

Lighthouse, ME