January Sky-A-Day

This year I am participating in the Fun-A-Day project, where "artists in more than 20 cities choose a project (take a photograph, make the bed, draw a picture, bake a cake, etc.) to do every day in January".  For my project I am currently taking at least one photograph of the sky every day with my iPhone and editing them into a square grid format using PicStitch.  I plan to print and display at least eight of the grid squares! Baltimore artists will be showcased at BrickHaus Art Space, 2602 Greenmount Ave, with an opening reception on February 9th.  Hope to see you there!!
Enjoying the color contrast created by the simple sky gradations

Cloud variations from January 1st, 2nd, and 3rd

December skies shot in Baltimore, from the Bay Bridge (bottom left), and Lewes (top right)

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