Framing Project

 Original frame (top left) and sewn artwork by Elizabeth Eagle, inspired by Egon Schiele drawing (bottom left).  The matching frames were found on a construction site and given to me by Andres.  The framing was professional but the teapot poster prints were not as original. Beth's artwork was inherited during my art school days circa 2006 and have had a place on my wall ever since.  They were stretched on wood stretcher bars and had begun to collect dust.  They needed to be behind glass and protected in my new home!

Step 1: Remove all staples and separate fabric and wood frame. 
Step 2: Measure and cut thin cardboard squares and restretch the fabric using tape (preferably archival artist tape but I just used what I had).

Step 4: Sand and spray paint salvaged frames with a white semigloss. I needed to do about three coats on each frame to achieve a fairly even cover. It still had a slightly textural look when done. 

Step 5: Selectively sand the raised edges and detailing to give it an antiqued feel. 

Step 6: Cut the salvaged mat board to fit the new artwork. I had to enlarge to opening slightly to fit the 8"x10" images.

Reassemble and they're ready to be hung! Andres helped me secure the cardboard backing using small 1" panel board nails (3 to 4 nails in each side).