Cuba Cristal

Untitled, CV Fest

Salar, Bolivia

Street Steal

Amor en Cuenca

If figure since Fairey is known for his "Art of Appropriation"  I will go ahead and post an image of his work that I recently altered.  I stumbled across this mural in a small alley off Sunset Boulevard on one of my frequent visits to L.A. 

Fiend Club  

Animal Collective

This work was commissioned by Brandon Weigel, an Animal Collective enthusiast and local music blogger.  First using photoshop and then the old scratchy scratch, I altered a photo he took at their concert this past spring.  Check out his review of their new EP on Aural States. 


Just in time for the new year, I cleared out a messy storage/office space in my house and set up a studio.  It's a great little corner for sketch booking, small artworks and art organization.  I'm working to flesh out a series of altered color photographs of signs, billboards, and other graphic images. 

No Vacancy

North Avenue Motel

Fells Point Liquor

Lucky Day

Isla Vista $ 

Esalen Guitar